Thursday, February 18, 2010

Allods Online Healer Guide: Stats

Here is a quick guide for the stats for the healer classes in Allods Online.

The main stats for the healer archtype are: Faith, Intelligence, Wisdom, Perception, and Luck.


Faith determines a healer's ability to penetrate wounds. Wounds are accrued during combat and the more wounds a character has, the less effective healing will be on them. A higher faith will allow a healer to penetrate wound complexity and have more effective heals.

TIP: Hovering over Faith in the character screen will show a % chance to penetrate wounds. It is believed there is a cap of 100%, so once achieved it is advised not to add any more Faith.


Intelligence increases damage and healing from spells. The more the better. There is no known cap to the benefit


Another straightforward stat, Wisdom increases a Healer's mana pool as well as their mana regeneration.


Perception decreases an enemy target's ability to resist a spell cast by the healer. Perception does NOT affect healing as a target you are healing will NEVER resist a heal (however, be aware of glancing blows: see Luck notes).


Luck determines critical hit chance vs. glancing blows. Glancing blows are the opposite of critical hits; they are critical failures. The lower a healers luck, the more erratic their healing will be as they will have a higher chance of a "glancing blow" heal which heals for very little. While not as important as Intelligence or Faith, Luck should not be ignored.
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